A church for the city

The LeipzigProjekt wants to be a church that makes sense to the people of Leipzig.
What can church look like in the 21st century in a city like Leipzig?
To give a glimpse of our vision we came up with this sentence:

Through the gospel we as a church dare to pursue:

Love for Leipzig,
room for conversation
real relationships,
the next step with
Jesus Christ.

Through the gospel ...

Actually, we don’t like foreign words that few people understand. But because the “gospel” is really important to us we make an exception.
Like this ancient Greek word, the concept of a God is foreign to us as people of the 21st century. We are skeptical about religious issues.
But the gospel is the surprising news that a God that has become foreign to us has chosen to meet us in Jesus Christ.
This gospel is the center of the Christian faith and is all about God’s love, grace and forgiveness.

... we as a church dare to pursue

This means two things:

  1. We are willing to dare to try something new.
  2. Church isn’t a building. It’s about people and relationships. We are the church.
Love for Leipzig

We dream of a church for the city. Because we fell in love with Leipzig, we want to be a social, cultural and spiritual enrichment for this place.

Room for conversation

We want to make room for encounter, exchange and conversation in order to talk about the important questions of life.

Real relationships

As a church we aren’t interested in shallowness but in truly getting to know one another and helping one another. We want to be a responsible fellowship where personal and spiritual growth can happen.

The next step with Jesus Christ

LeipzigProjekt is not about religion but about finding out who Jesus Christ truly is and getting to know him personally. We are all on the way. But no matter where we are on that journey: As LeipzigProjekt we celebrate every step.


Because we believe that people make a church, we want to introduce some of the people that carry the vision of the LeipzigProjekt. We are a bunch of singles, married couples, parents, friends et cetera. We look forward to getting to know you.



If you’d like to support us financially, you can do so with any amount via wire transfer.
Thank you!

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